A few weeks ago, my face exploded. Okay, not literally. But after a little misunderstanding with my birth control, it seems my hormones got a little out of whack.

And took it out on my face.

As I was dealing with the outbreak of nastiness, I realized it had been quite a while since I’d had a zit of any kind.

Now, I’m not totally ignorant. I know that, in general, I have good skin. But since the wonder years of adolescence until recently, I would have a small eruption every few weeks.

And then I started using Mary Kay.

I know, I know! I sound like an infomercial. But it’s true.

See, my friend Katie started selling Mary Kay a few years ago. I wanted to be supportive, but, well, I’m cheap. And so, I bought an occasional lipstick from her, but I stuck with my Cover Girl and Clean & Clear from Walmart.

Last Christmas, she wore me down. I mean, convinced me. I mean, reminded me that I was now in my THIRTIES. Anyway – I bought Mary Kay’s TimeWise cleanser and moisturizer.

Ever since, my face has been more consistently clear. That’s why I was so surprised when my face exploded a few weeks ago.

In addition to selling me her magic potions – I mean, Mary Kay products – and the first mascara that made me put down the pink and green tube, Katie also sponsors Giving Up on Perfect.

You can visit Katie’s Mary Kay shop online and have products shipped right to your house. Thank you, Katie, for helping make this blog possible!

What kind of skin products do you use?


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