As the temperatures continue to drop – and I’ve even heard rumors of a possible freeze this week, which is music to my sinuses – I can’t help but think of the many bonfires and hayrides I’ve enjoyed in the past.

The best part of any bonfire? Well, I love a charred hot dog and burn-your-tongue hot chocolate as much as the next girl, but my favorite fall treat is S’mores.

Mmmm…chocolate, grahams and marshmallows! Does it get any better than that?

Well, actually it does. Because real S’mores are messy. And kind of hard to eat. S’mores-flavored foods, on the other hand, are totally tasty without sounding a four-napkin alarm.

Yes, I’m THAT person. I don’t like to be messy. Okay?

The good news is that S’mores-inspired treats seem to be all the rage these days. Last summer, for example, I made S’mores Rice Krispy Treats – and they were ah-maze-ing.

Normally, my go-to dessert for any and all occasion – no matter how fancy or casual, large or intimate – is a pan of brownies. From a box. And they are a hit Every Time.

I’m not bragging. (Okay, I am.) It’s just a proven fact that box brownies are delicious, especially if you make sure to NOT overcook them. And pair them with a scoop of ice cream.

So when I saw a recipe this summer for S’mores Brownies, you better believe I bookmarked that faster than you can say, “Save that delicious recipe on!”

[You wouldn’t say that? Because you think it’s silly? Well, right, of course. I wouldn’t, either.]

Through one of the several recipe blog carnivals I participate in, I found 3 Four and Under, where Trisha shared her super simple recipe for S’mores Brownies. (Make sure you check out her photos, because they do this dessert more justice than mine do!)

I could barely wait three weeks before making it for someone. We had friends over for dinner, and we all ate way more of these brownies than we should have!

S’mores Brownies

Brownie mix
6-8 graham crackers
Regular (candy bar-sized) Hershey bar
Mini marshmallows (about half a bag)

Make the brownies as directed on the box. While they’re baking, roughly chop 6-8 graham crackers (or stick them in a Ziploc and give them a good whack with a rolling pin). Break up the chocolate bar – and try not to eat a quarter of the pieces.


As soon as a toothpick stuck in the middle comes out clean (I’m a big fan of slightly undercooking brownies, if you must know.), sprinkle the crackers and marshmallows on top. Stick back in the oven for a few minutes (just long enough for the marshmallows to melt, not long enough for them to brown), then drop the chocolate on the marshmallows.

Serve, sit back and enjoy the oohs and aahs. (And the brownie you served yourself, of course. Enjoy that.)

I know my measurements aren’t exact, but really, you just need to eyeball it. (Chelley, I know that stresses you out. I promise to help you make these next time we’re together!)

Do you like S’mores? What’s your favorite part of a bonfire or hayride? And how do you feel about messy foods that require a lot of napkins?

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Image by kretyen.

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