Today’s my birthday. I’m now 32 years old, officially “in my thirties.” I didn’t really consider 31 to be in my thirties. Actually, 31 seemed to be a non-age, a weird in-between number that never registered with my no-longer-in-my-twenties brain.

But even though, in 12 months, I never got used to being 31, it doesn’t mean that it was a non-year. A lot happened this year! And before I went to bed last night, my last day as a 31-year-old, I made a list of 31 things I learned in my 31st year.

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31 Things I’ve Learned in My 31st Year

1. I’m not a good parker. As in, I can’t park my crossover to save my life.
2. Speaking of driving, I speed way too much.
3. I actually do like guacamole.
4. I’m kind of a nerd for science fiction.
5. Like it or not, I am a confirmed night owl.
6. Nasal spray works.
7. Vitamins are not covered by my health savings plan, no matter how many times I try.
8. Hospitality is important to me.
9. I like water aerobics. {This is not to say I like cold, early mornings!}
10. While family vacations are fun, I really need to get away with Mark sometimes.

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11. I am a blogger. {And I’m finally comfortable saying that, instead of whispering, “I kind of have a little blog thing…”}
12. Taking care of my skin makes a difference.
13. I am meant to work for a non-profit or ministry. And someday, I will (again).
14. Not going to the dentist for five years means a regular check-up will actually consist of three appointments.
15. The oldies and classic rock radio stations play songs from my childhood. And I’m okay with that.
16. I really love singing in the church choir and miss it when I take a break.
17. I love laughing with Mark.
18. Pedicures are awesome.
19. Structure – and adhering to structure – is crazy important to Annalyn. (No, I don’t wonder where she gets it!)
20. The Harry Potter books live up to the hype – and are worth investing time to read 746 pages.

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21. Just My Size bras make me happy. (What? Too much info? Nah.)
22. Lisa at Great Clips cuts my hair better than anyone else I’ve seen in the past several years.
23. I might want to be a stay-at-home mom. Then again, I might not.
24. I should really find a new home for my cat Peanut. If only Annalyn hadn’t gotten so attached to her.
25. It’s been much too long since I sang in Latin. Or any other language. Have I mentioned I miss choir?
26. I also miss playing the piano. And my piano is in sore need of a tuning.
27. You can buy fondant in a box. It’s not that hard to work with.
28. I avoid hard things. This not good.
29. I really do love accessories – earrings, necklaces, scarves.
30. Spending time with Annalyn can be a lot of fun.
31. It’s hard to think of 31 anything!

What have you learned this year?

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