Listen up! I've got something to say!

Annalyn is a talker. And a thinker. (She’s a joker and a winker…) Like most 3-year-olds, she asks hundreds of questions each and every day, often repeating the same one until I am sure my ears are bleeding.

But she does that because she’s trying to figure out her world. Including the part of her world where her daddy works long, strange hours – often at night – driving a big truck. A few of my favorite questions, observations and stories:

As Mark was leaving for work one night:
“Be kerful, Daddy. Don’t fall off the highway!”

At the dentist’s office, soon after Mark was called into work:
“Is it bedtime?”
“No…” (It was 9:30 a.m.)
“Then why is Daddy going to work?”

Said every few days, with little variation:
“What time is it?”
“I have to go to work at six-oh-five-five.”
“Oh yeah? Where do you work?”
“Quesadilla Hut.”
“Yeah. I’m gonna drive there in my truck car. It’s red.”
“You have a red truck car? Is it an El Camino?”
“No. It’s a truck car.”
“Where is it?”
“I have to go get it. It’s on the highway.”

Said after Mark tried to explain that the FedEx Office located next to our local ice cream shop is part of the company he works for:
“How about we get ice cream?”
“In Daddy’s building.”
“The ice cream store. Next to Fiddix. That’s Daddy’s building. We work there.”

And, the #14 sign that you feed your child too much Mexican food:
“I’m going to work in chlada today. It’s far away.”
“Yeah, I have to work at enchilada. It’s really far away.”
“Wait – do you mean Colorado?”
“Yeah, enchiladorado. I have to go there for work. At eight o’clock.”

(This conversation took place when Mark had to drive to Colorado for work. It was really far away!)

Have you heard kids say anything funny lately? (For more funny kids, head over to QuatroMama’s blog, who inspired this post!)

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