On Friday, I optimistically posted this on Facebook: “I’m is looking forward to a busy weekend! MOPS, Build-a-Bear, Christmas party, preschool program and date night with our small group!”

Really, I should have known better, what with Murphy’s Holiday Law and all.

The three days of events started off fine. I went to my second meeting of MOPS and enjoyed getting to know the ladies at my table a little better. Plus, we made fleece tie blankets for the children’s hospital, and I discovered how EASY those things are! All these years I’ve been so impressed by people who make them, and it turns out, it’s not that hard at all.

Now, don’t be judging the simplicity of this project by my table’s actual blanket. Because it may have not turned out exactly as we hoped. But I’m sure a very small child will be thrilled with our strangely circular blanket anyway!

Later that afternoon, Smitty came up to hang out with Annalyn and me. After running a couple errands, we decided – after some debate and driving in just a few circles – to eat an early dinner at Wendy’s. Since we’d eaten lunch at Chick-fil-A with a couple friends from MOPS, I opted to get a cheeseburger for Annalyn instead of her normal chicken nuggets. (And yes, that’s two fast food meals in one day, for all of you keeping track.)

Of course she wanted nothing to do with the burger, slurping down her milk and inhaling her mandarin oranges instead. As I was attempting to bribe encourage her to take just a few bites of the cheeseburger, she snitched a piece of lettuce off my tray that I’d taken off had fallen off my chicken sandwich.

That’s when it happened. Somehow, she choked on that piece of lettuce, and despite my urging to Just chew it up and swallow it! she totally gagged. And then puked. All over herself. And my coat.

It was AWFUL. She never gets sick (thank God and knock on wood!), so I didn’t even know what to do. I just kept staring at her, then at Smitty, then back to Annalyn. And without being too graphic and gross, it just kept coming.

Finally, she finished, whimpering and apologizing, poor girl. And we cleaned it up, with the help of a very nice Wendy’s employee and a tree’s worth of paper towels and wet wipes. Luckily, I had Mark’s snuggie in the back of our car, so we stripped Annalyn down and wrapped her up in that.

And then I took my Wendy’s bag full of puked-on clothes (including my coat, in case you missed that) home to wash. I bathed my poor kiddo, gave her some water and eventually put her to bed.

Where she stayed – even when she woke up at 3:30 a.m. and threw a royal fit. It was only after she’d screamed and I’d finally yelled and then texted Mark (who was working) about HIS child that I realized she was probably hungry. And, honestly, I only realized that because Mark pointed it out. And by then, she’d finally fallen asleep.

Yes, it was quite the night for this Mother of the Year candidate.

After the puking and the middle of the night fit-throwing, I didn’t think it was in anyone’s best interest for us to attend the Build-a-Bear Workshop we’d been looking forward to. (More about that later this week, though!)

Saturday night brought a Christmas party with some of my favorite friends – who weren’t actually AT the party. And then Mark and I rented a movie, which was also a disappointment (Note to self: Go with your gut. If your gut says a movie with Crazy Tom Cruise and Annoying Cameron Diaz is going to be terrible, it might just be terrible.).

Our streak continued on Sunday morning, when we attended the church were Annalyn attends preschool for her Christmas program. My showoff daughter who regularly brings her pink stepstool into the living room in order to sing and dance for us got a case of stage fright and stood with her fingers in her mouth – NOT SINGING – throughout all five songs.

Things looked much better as the week started yesterday, though. After the weekend’s disastrous firsts – puking in public and preschool program – we had a GREAT first visit to the dentist. Annalyn was her (normal, of course) charming self, and the dentist and his hygienists were amazing with her, explaining everything, letting her wear rubber gloves and a mask, and even finding an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for her to watch in the chair.

Who’d have thought I’d be glad to see Monday and a visit to the dentist?!?

How was YOUR first weekend of the month?

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