It’s been fun talking about our favorite things from 2010. And, honestly, I could probably post from now to the end of the year about various categories of bests. Instead, I want to hear about YOUR favorites from this past year.

Specifically, I want to learn about your best MOMENTS of 2010.

A few of my favorite moments include staying up way too late with Jessie and Hillary at Blissdom, road tripping with Jessica and Annie to Hilton Head, seeing Straight No Chaser with Mark and laughing so hard our cheeks hurt, quitting my job and learning that Annalyn no longer qualifies for physical therapy.

What were YOUR best moments of 2010?

P.S. My (new to me) laptop is in the shop, and my OLD laptop is unreliable at best. So for the next few days, my Internet interaction will probably be spotty. I’m not ignoring you; I’m going through computer withdrawal.

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