When we went to Des Moines last summer for the state fair, we stayed with my friend Sally. We’ve visited her and stayed overnight many times since we all graduated from college (a few years ago), and I’ve learned a thing or two during those visits.

  • First, I can expect Sally to cook something delicious, and I’ll ask her for the recipe. Which I’ll never use so the dish will forever remain something I only eat at Sally’s house.
  • Second, Mark and Sally’s husband will crack inappropriate jokes in some contest to see who can make the wives roll their eyes more.
  • Third, I will admire Sally’s Fiestaware and wonder for the umpteenth time why I didn’t register for those colorful dishes when we got married.
  • And finally, I will search high and low for a box of Kleenex – and come up empty.

See, what I’ve learned in my young (and not-so-young) adult years of road trips, weekend visits and slumber parties is that we all have our own house quirks. I may have miles of things in common with my closest friends, but growing up in different families inevitably means we make our homes a little differently.

Case in point: Sally buys fancy toilet paper and paper towels, so she doesn’t have to bother with tissues or napkins.

So last summer, I was so proud of myself when I (finally) remembered to pack a box of Kleenex in my bag! The funny thing about that? (Other than the fact that I am so particular about my nose-blowing needs?) Sally actually remembered my “quirk” of needing Kleenex – and bought some before our visit!

If you don’t have chronic allergies or the tendency to burst into tears at a moment’s notice, you might not understand why I have so many tissue issues. (I know. It rhymes. I couldn’t stop myself.) But for those of you who have ever found yourself sitting in church after a big sneeze or a convicting sermon without a Kleenex, you know what I’m talking about.

For years, I’ve bought Kleenex tissues exclusively and have often said, “I should buy stock in this stuff.” So when I got an e-mail – from Kleenex! – offering to sponsor my trip to Blissdom this week, I was in shock.

Happy, happy shock. (And, I’m just saying, that if – in theory – that happy shock produced a few happy tears, you KNOW I grabbed a Kleenex to sop them up!)

Seriously, I am honored and proud to represent Kleenex at this year’s Blissdom Conference. I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that in a recent blind study, consumers voted Kleenex the softest tissue of all regular tissue brands. And as Kleenex says, that kind of softness is worth sharing!

That’s why Kleenex will be at Blissdom this week, handing out packages of Kleenex – and sending one to a friend or family member with a personalized note. It’s part of their Softness Worth Sharing campaign, and it’s just one way they’re bringing people together. They’re also putting a custom Share Package in each Blissdom bag with the Twitter handle of a fellow Blissdom attendee. So for all of you worried about now knowing anyone, Kleenex just might introduce you (via Twitter) to your first new friend!

Oh – and one more thing! Stop by the Kleenex booth (#15) to enter to win a luxurious gift basket filled with super soft goodies! They’ll even handle all the shipping to make sure it gets home safe and sound!

Now, I’ve got to stop gushing about Kleenex and finish (okay, START) packing! Note to self: Don’t forget phone charger, extra socks, curling iron, laptop cord and Kleenex!

Kleenex is sponsoring my registration, travel and lodging for Blissdom, but all opinions shared in this post are my own. (I really DO use that many Kleenex tissues!)

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