Like half the country, we’ve gotten quite a bit of snow this week. Today will be the third day in a row that Annalyn hasn’t had preschool in the morning. Three days in a row after two weeks off for Christmas. In case you’re counting.

Actually, it hasn’t been too bad, thanks to PBS Kids and a couple of extra-long naps that I’m pretty sure are fighting off a cold. After spending the bulk of our extra time on Monday taking down our Christmas decorations, I promised Annalyn that we could go outside on Tuesday to play in the snow.

Of course I promised this before checking the weather forecast and learning that Snow Day 2 was going to be WAY colder than Snow Day 1.

Surely we could bundle up and be fine, though. Right? Right.

Just a month or so ago, I read about a fun snow activity in a parenting magazine. The article said to fill a water bottle and add a few drops of food coloring to let your child “paint” the snow. Annalyn LOVES playing with her water bottle, so this was a perfect fit.

Oh, I felt like such a crafty mom. So clever. So FUN.

That is, until the water bottle leaked all over her hand and in the 15 minutes we spent in the backyard, just about gave her little fingers frostbite. That’s right. I had already said that we’d be going inside in a couple minutes when Annalyn said, “No! My fingers hurt! Mommy!”

Please don’t lecture me. I could not possibly feel worse than I already do.

For the record, she did not actually have frostbite on her fingers. And she was wearing gloves! But her fingers WERE very, very cold.

When I first took off her gloves, I thought for sure I’d broken her for good. Then I remembered that the water she’d been spraying all over the backyard was purple. Thanks to my days as a Camp Fire girl (and a couple First Aid courses), I knew to wash the purple coloring off with lukewarm water.

Don’t worry. She’s back to normal, all appendages working properly and returned to their natural pale color. Thank God! And we will not be playing outside today.

You might be thinking, “Why don’t you do a craft together?”

Well, I’ll tell you. Last week I read a blog post about making snowflakes out of coffee filters and muffin cups. It really couldn’t get any simpler! All you need are coffee filters and/or muffin cups and scissors! SURELY we could manage this project.

Or so I thought.

It turns out that Annalyn’s safety scissors are basically worthless, not even cutting through <i>a coffee filter.</i> So after several frustrating attempts to coach her through not only holding the scissors correctly but then using them to cut something, anything, <i>not my fingers</i>, I decided to move on to Plan B. I told Annalyn to go get her crayons, and she went to town coloring the filters. Then I cut them into snowflakes. My mom was so proud of my art project.


It seems that whether we’re playing in the snow or making our own snow, I am destined to make a mess of it! We need a heat wave around here – or some better ideas for passing the time on a snow day. All I’ve got planned for today (so far) is cleaning my kitchen, making oatmeal cookies and cleaning my kitchen again.

Obviously, I need some ideas. What do you do on a crazy cold snow day?

(And again, no fingers were permanently damaged in the making of this snow day disaster, I promise. Her fingers were not actually frozen, and she really did enjoy painting the snow despite the cold! See photo evidence below…)

How much snow have you gotten in your town? Have you missed work or school? And what are you doing with the extra time at home?

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