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Sometimes I hide behind my camera. If I’m feeling uncertain or awkward or – let’s be honest – grumpy, I just pull out my Nikon and snap away. That way, I can capture the entire event without ever participating in it.

Between scrapbooking and blogging, my hobbies have fed that tendency, and I’ve realized lately that I’m missing out on the living while I’m so focused on the capturing and the documenting and the sharing.

I’m working on putting the camera down these days, and a few times lately I’ve completely forgotten to take my camera along to an event. But my 35mm lens isn’t the only one I look through when I view the world.

Last weekend, I had an unsettling conversation with a friend. I started out complaining about a situation and realized about halfway through our talk that I was wrong.

Oooh, how I hate to be wrong!

But I was. I’d been upset with someone in my life for quite a while because I viewed an experience we shared through my own lens of pain.

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