When I went into the hospital before delivering Annalyn, my Nana – my mom’s sister, my aunt – was there right away. She brought me a book (because she knows how much I love to read…just like her) and, I believe, something to use on my nails. (Not surprising, because Nana always has beautiful nails and even did my nails before my wedding.)

Once we knew Annalyn would have to stay in the NICU for a few weeks after I went home, she also brought two shirts, one labeled “Annalyn’s dad” and the other embroidered with “Annalyn’s mom.” She wanted to make sure everyone in that hospital knew who we were – and which tiny baby belonged to us!


When Mark asked me to his senior prom and dress shopping with my mom didn’t go so well, my Nana made me a beautiful dress – one that made both my mom and me happy! If that’s not a miracle, I just don’t know what is. (You can see the dress in this anniversary post. Isn’t it gorgeous? And, yes, I do still have it in the back of my closet!)


When I was selected to perform at a super special piano recital on the Plaza, my Nana (and Uncle Harvey and Granny and cousins) came with my brother and parents to watch me play. Unfortunately, I botched the whole thing. For the first – and, thankfully, only time in my life – I went completely blank and forgot my notes. My parents drove me straight back to my Nana’s house, where they made me sit down at her (very out of tune) piano and play it. Just to prove that I could.


Throughout my entire life, my Nana has been an integral part of my family, of my life. So it should have come as no surprise that when I told her about my blog, she offered to advertise her embroidery business with me. I’m here to tell you that my Nana can sew just about anything! (And you should see her sewing room. The way she has it fixed up and organized, I almost forget about the years my two cousins crammed all the jeans, hair spray and teen magazines you could fit into that little bedroom.)

As she says, she can embroider everything from baby blankets, bears and onesies to sports bags, shirts and towels – and everything else in between, and she can do it for anyone across the country. If you’ve got an embroidery need, I am certain she’s got just the thread, design and font for you!

embroidery business samples

Today’s Sponsor Spotlight is Nana’s Needles, and I’m proud to say that the owner of this particular blog sponsor is my Nana!

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