i will have fun

Last night, I had the house to myself. Annalyn was at my parents’ and Mark was at work. For a few hours, I could do whatever I wanted.

So, what did I do?

First, I cranked up my stereo (and then Pandora, when every station played commercials and slow songs) and danced. For an hour. In my kitchen.

Why the kitchen, you ask? Well, that way the neighbors (and any passing motorists) couldn’t see me through the windows!

You should know, of course, that my dancing looked nothing like that photo above. Add baggy yoga pants and a threadbare college t-shirt, a ponytail and a lot of sweat, and you might be a little bit closer. Oh yeah – also take away those heels, because I actually just wore socks for my dance party. And my moves? They were not exactly awesome. And they might have included a little Tae-Bo and some running laps around my little kitchen.

But no matter how ridiculous that sounds – and I looked – I’m happy to say I think I worked off my huge Chipotle dinner! (And it was a heck of a lot more fun than walking away the pounds with the overly happy Leslie Sansone One. More. Time.)

After that nonsense, I decided to do something else I don’t normally do when my family is home. I played piano. I got out some old music and leaned into the keys and I cried. Just a little. Because I miss that. I miss that me.

Finally, I sat down to my normal life and chatted with some friends on Skype while cracking myself up on Facebook. Eventually I closed both window and settled in to watch a TV show at full volume. I can’t normally do that, because the TV in the living room and Annalyn’s bed in her room share a wall.

Then I finished the night with a shower. The kind where nobody is knocking on the door or pulling back the curtain or asking me questions I canthearbecauseImintheshower!

If you live with other people, how do you spend an evening with an empty house?

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