Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck

I hate the ice cream truck.

I really do. Since we moved into our house, I’ve spent every spring and summer weekday in an office, so I had no idea that no less than THREE different ice cream trucks troll our neighborhood. Every single afternoon since the beginning of March, those obnoxious trucks have creeped down every street within a three-block radius of my house, blaring their stupid music during naptime!

Are you kidding me?

I understand that afternoons are a great time to find kids with the munchies. I do. But at least one of the trucks crawls by the house well before school lets out. Who is that guy looking for? What kids are neither napping nor in school? It’s sketchy, that’s what it is. And incredibly annoying!

And impossible to control. With FedEx and UPS, I could – if I ever got around to it – put a strongly worded sign on my front door, asking them to not knock, for the love of packages. But it’s not like I can post signs all over my neighborhood, asking the weird guy in the van not to play his ice cream siren song until my daughter has gotten her daily dose of snoozing!

iowa state fair ice cream

Now, I’m not opposed to ice cream in general or ice cream trucks in theory. That beautiful piece of frozen heaven up there? I bought it from a truck. Granted, it was at a fair, not the end of my street. But still, I don’t hate ALL ice cream trucks. Just the ones who roll down my street at about two miles an hour, doing their very best to wake up my napping child. That’s all.

How do you feel about ice cream trucks? Or ice cream? Or afternoon naps?

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