Have you ever realized that you don’t know or can’t do something basic, something almost every other adult knows or does? No? You’re well-rounded and pretty much awesome? Okay, fine.

I’m not. And neither are the characters of one of my favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother. [Yes, this is a TV post, but I promise it’s about more than just that!]

When I was a junior in college, I took a basic public relations class. During the semester, we had to give several presentations to our teacher and classmates, and during one of mine, I had to use the word “ethereal.” Several times.

I’m so sad to say that I pronounced it wrong. Several times.

It turns out – much to my humiliation and thanks to my teacher’s subsequent correct pronunciation – that you don’t say it like this: eth-uh-real. Nope. Just in case you, like me, aren’t sure. The word is pronounced uh-thi-ree-uhl.

Right. Of course is it. So embarrassing.

That memory has haunted me for years is the reason this week’s episode of HIMYM struck me as so funny and real. The gang decided to point out each other’s “gaps,” things they were embarrassed about not knowing.

Ted mispronounced – in front of his entire class of students – “chameleon.” And Robin mistakenly thought the North Pole was a fictional place. The looks on their faces when they realized how very wrong they were just cracked me up! I know what that feels like!

For Lily and Marshall, their gaps were actual skills they don’t possess (even though most grown adults do). Lily can’t aim, whether throwing keys or using the bathroom. And Marshall, well, he had a lot of gaps but the most poignant for me was his inability to wink.

There’s nothing wrong with not being able to wink! {I can’t wink.}

So, let’s talk about our grown-up gaps today. I’ve shown you mine; now you show us yours. Can you read a map? Do you know how to whistle? Do you know how to pick out a nice bottle of wine? {I can’t.} What can’t you do that most adults can?

You can watch the full episode of HIMYM on CBS.com. And this post includes affiliate links.

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