Have you seen this commercial? Every time it comes on my TV, I can’t help but stop and stare.

What makes it so compelling? Obviously, part of its charm is the clever idea itself. Showing amazing athletes – obviously located in different places – challenging each other through film is cool. Another thing that gets me are the incredible tricks and skills the people in the ad are showing off! Did you see that girl with the jump rope?

What makes me watch every single time it airs, though – and even again, when I pulled this up on YouTube – is the idea behind the commercial.

I know, I know. Nike is telling us to buy their gear. And, yeah, they might be saying to just do it, whatever it is. But they’re really trying to sell us more stuff. Sure. I know that.

But what I take away from this commercial – and what I think Nike might be saying – is that each of us have an amazing, incredible talent. Every one of us has a unique gift, something that nobody else can do.

So, what’s your gift? What is it that nobody but you can do in this world, in your world?

{Or, if you’re not up for deep thoughts this Friday, tell me instead about your favorite commercial. That’s fun, too!}

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