If you think this is bad, you should’ve seen me a few years ago. Back before we had Annalyn – and needed a room for her – our “guest room” was almost always a 12×12 junk pile, cleaned off only when I expected company. (Usually just hours before I expected company.)

Even after a lot of decluttering and organizing (thank you, second trimester), I still tended to pile up papers and general STUFF that didn’t have a home. Without a guest room to dump it into, I began the nasty habit of sweeping everything off my kitchen table into a large box and then sticking it in the garage when faced with the prospect of guests.

I know. You’re bowled over by my awesomeness. But what I’m saying is this desk disaster isn’t as bad as it looks. It could be worse!

But it’s still bad. And it still clutters up my dining room (and my mind) and keeps me from accomplishing the things I need to do. These days, I’m trying to keep it more organized, which so far has only meant that I dig out the surface of my desk and file paycheck stubs and various other papers more often. But I think I need a better system.

I cleaned off my desk (once again) as part of Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify. (This week’s challenge was paperwork, which was a large part of that mess up above!) But I’m asking for your help. How can I better contain and – even better – organize the mess of my desk? Do you have a good system? Are you a shelf person, a hook person or do you prefer a bulletin board or boxes? How do you organize your to-do pile?

I am reading Organized Simplicity, and I’m sure Tsh will have lots of tips for a realistic solution for this “hot spot” of my house and, really, my life. But if you have suggestions, please, share them in the comments! (And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Organized Simplicity. It closes at midnight tonight!)

This post will also be linked up with the Spring Spruce Up. Check it out for more spring cleaning inspiration!

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