On Monday nights, I do a Bible study with my friend Brittany. That’s the only night that worked for both of us, and thankfully my VCR has helped me get through the fact that it’s also the biggest TV night of my week. For the past few weeks everything has gone smoothly. I set the VCR to tape Chuck and Castle, then watch How I Met Your Mother online later in the week.

Last night didn’t go as smoothly. Because my VCR is, well, a VCR, it didn’t automatically move an hour ahead with Daylight Savings over the weekend. So instead of kicking back to watch the new episode of my favorite show after Bible study, I got to watch the last few minutes of my favorite show. So frustrating!

{On a side note, this is pretty much par for the course of my day, which included a disastrous play date, a St. Patrick’s Day craft project that my daughter could not be less interested in, burning the heck out of my mouth on a hot quesadilla, and a few other irritations. Just so you know.}

Since I didn’t have my shows to watch after Bible study – and I am clearly incapable of just going to bed early. or on time. – I started clicking around online. Looking for fun blog post topics, I looked up what movies, songs and TV shows were new or big hits 25 years ago. Plenty to talk about there, but what caught my eye most was that Matlock, starring Andy Griffith, debuted in the fall of 1986.

As I’ve written about TV on this blog, I’ve thought back through my love affair with television more than once. I’ve even written on my list of blog post ideas, “Love of TV started in media criticism class in college.” But when I saw that note about Matlock, I remembered.

I remembered the summer I watched Matlock reruns every single day.

I know, I know. I was awesome – and things have not changed. Once a nerd, always a nerd. But my point is that I’ve been a TV fanatic, watching every single episode of my favorite shows, for a long, long time. I really can’t blame that college professor who assigned my first episode recaps.

So, since it’s now way past my bedtime and I still haven’t gotten to watch this week’s episode of Chuck, I’m going to enjoy reminiscing for a moment. Join me?

Top 10 TV Shows I Loved Before Blogging

  1. Matlock
  2. Remington Steele
  3. Perfect Strangers
  4. Life Goes On
  5. The Drew Carey Show
  6. Dawson’s Creek
  7. JAG
  8. Felicity
  9. Sports Night
  10. Ed

I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since spending my youth with Grandpa Matlock and his thrilling court cases. Dawson’s Creek is cool, right? Although, okay, watching JAG reruns every night as I ate dinner on my living room floor was a precursor to my current obsession with love of your mom’s favorite show and mine, NCIS.

So, there it is. I’ve always been a TV geek. What about you? What TV shows did you love, back in the day?

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