I think I’ve mentioned before how my sweet little girl is quite the drama queen. While that is irritating as all get out when she carries on for thirty minutes after bedtime over a TINY bug bite, it’s pretty sweet when she squeals in delight over the fact that I put clean sheets on her bed.

I suppose that’s the upside to her occasional nap time accidents.

The point is, though, that even when she’s misbehaving more than not (like last week, if you’re wondering), Annalyn is easily impressed. (At least for now!) Here are a few of the things that have impressed her lately:

1. Clean laundry. Now, don’t be making rude assumptions here. She’s not impressed because it’s rare! I’m actually not sure why clean clothes and sheets get her so tickled, but they do. Every time I sit on her bedroom floor and fold a basket of her clean clothes, she thanks me. She may not match up her socks like I ask her, but she always says thank you! And when I make up her bed with clean sheets? She jumps on her bed and rolls around saying, “Thank you! Thank you, Mommy, for my clean bed!”

I know. That is not normal behavior.

2. Craft projects. Or, as Annalyn calls it, doing a project. We haven’t done anything crafty lately, so she’s had to remain satisfied with coloring together. Which is impressive in itself, since I can – you know – stay in the lines. [Side note: Annalyn unintentionally colored in the lines the other day. Her response? “Now I can go to kindgergarten!” Um, not quite, baby girl.] This week, we’ll be making teacher appreciation gifts for her preschool teachers and the following week, I’m planning on us making a spring/summer banner. But, really, I could give her a pile of scrapbooking paper and a glue stick and she’d be just as happy!

3. Playing beauty salon or “sweethearts.” On Saturday, I didn’t feel great. So I lounged on the couch while Annalyn put every bow and clip she owns in my hair – and she was thrilled. Even better than that game, though, is her recent favorite: sweethearts. She pretends to be the mommy and I’m her “sweetheart.” Usually, she makes me take a nap and ride in the car to school. It’s not a bad gig, and it is her favorite thing to do these days! [She has been known to throw herself on the floor, sobbing, when I tell her we can’t play “sweethearts.” So just imagine how excited she is when we DO play!]

4. Cleaning together. Like rolling around on a clean set of sheets, Annalyn’s love of cleaning is weird. Thursdays are a big event in our house because my parents come over for dinner. Aside from the simple fact that she gets to see her grandparents, cleaning the house for them is Annalyn’s favorite part of the day. “Can I sweep, Mommy? I want the broom. Can I have the broom now? I want to sweep! Are we cleaning for Allie and Grandpa yet?”

And when I let her use baby wipes to clean the windows and any other dirty surface in the house? Well, you’d think I’d given the girl a pony!

5. Cooking together. Several times a week, Annalyn helps me cook dinner, dessert or other fun treats. And she LOVES it. I even asked her this weekend what her favorite things that I do are. Her answer? “Making cupcakes with me.” Of course, we MAY have been making Oreo Surprise Cupcakes at the time . . . !

How easily impressed are YOUR kids? How do you impress them?

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