Today we took Annalyn to get her hair cut for the first time. Before she got started chopping my baby girl’s mop, the stylist snipped off a curly lock and taped it up for me. When Annalyn asked why she did that, the woman answered, “So your mom can put it in your baby book!”

Of course! Duh! In your baby book! I’m so glad my nosy inquisitive child didn’t ask right then and there, “WHAT baby book?!”


When Annalyn turned three last fall, she no longer qualified for physical therapy through the state. And after extensive evaluation, our school district decided that she had made enough progress to kick it on her own. (Literally, I suppose, since kicking is one of the skills we’re supposed to practice at home.) But now that we’re half a year into the threes and she’s still significantly behind her peers, we’re having her evaluated again.

And that means tests, forms and questions. Oh, the questions. They’ll ask me – even though we’ve answered it all before, multiple times – how early she was born, when she crawled, when we started therapy, when her left eyetooth came in and more. (Okay, probably not about the teeth. But who knows? It’s been seven months since we went through this!)

Completing the forms and answering the questions should be a piece of cake, right? What kind of mom doesn’t remember every significant moment of her only child’s life? And really, all I need to do is whip out her baby book and read off the big dates. Well . . . that’s assuming Annalyn has a baby book.

And that would be assuming wrong.


I know! For a person who loves lists and writing things down and – for crying out loud – scrapbooking so much, you’d think a baby book would be a given! Except it’s not.

Though I have three enormous scrapbooks, dozens of Facebook photo albums and hundreds of printed photos to record her short-so-far life, I don’t actually have a baby book for my daughter. Even though I love my own baby book that my mom kept and have literally had “baby book” written on my to-do list for years, I have yet to buy or write in any such book for my own child.

I need to. I want to. But I sure haven’t done it.

When my cousin’s kids were little, she was so good about recording every little change or development in her planner. I thought that was just brilliant and intended to do the same. But sometimes good (even brilliant) intentions don’t always lead to success. Or baby books.


I’ve got to run now. Annalyn will be finished with preschool soon, and my to-do list is mocking me. You know, the one that says “Call about therapy” and “Buy baby book”? Yeah, that one.

Did your parents keep a baby book for you? If you have kids, how do you record their milestones and memories?

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