“Daddy, don’t forget your Bluetooth! Hey, I have a pink tooth at my work.”


“What are you putting on your face, Mommy?”
“It’s powder.”
“Oh, yeah. I have one of those at work. It’s purple with pink dots.”


“I have to go to work today.”
“Really? Before or after nap?”
“After nap, Mommy.”
“And where do you work again?”
“You remember! Quesadilla Pizza Hut!”


“I was at work yesterday, and my chillun wouldn’t obey.”
“Your what?”
“My chillun!”
“Um, you mean your children?”
“Ohhhh, you mean your students?”
“So you’re a teacher?”
“Yes! Like Allie!”
“You don’t work at Quesadilla Pizza Hut anymore?”
“Yes, I do! With my chillun!”


“I left my work. I work at a new place now.”
“I went there and it was a MESS. I work at FedEx now, like Daddy. But my FedEx is pink.”


Annalyn is very creative. And imaginative. And dedicated. That girl is so convinced that she has a job that she will not break character. Ever.

Every time she notices a “grown-up” item, from makeup to an iPod to steak knives to a Swiffer wet jet, she announces, “I have one of those at my work.”

And if I dare say, “Now, Annalyn, you don’t really have a job. Did you really go to work yesterday?” she is indignant! How dare I question her? Of course she goes to work!

It cracks me up. And worries me a little. But mostly it cracks me up.

I’m glad she has a vivid imagination, and this is certainly not the only way she’s revealed her performer tendencies. And, if we have to include an imaginary world in our real one, I’m kind of glad it’s a part-time job and not a person.

Then again, it’s probably only a matter of time before she introduces me to her make-believe manager and co-workers. They work at Pink FedEx, you know.

Did you have an imaginary friend (or job) as a child? Do your children have vivid imaginations?

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