Today, a group of bloggers (several of whom I consider friends!) boarded planes to fly across the world. Literally. Emily, Tsh, Kat, Stephanie and Lindsay are headed to the Phillipines with Shaun Groves and the Compassion team. Over the next several days, they’ll report what they experience and share their amazing journey with us.

Put that way, it sounds so simple. But I know it’s not.

While I may not know the details of how this trip’s bloggers were chosen or the mile-long to-do lists they each faced as they packed their bags and left their families this week, I know that an enormous amount of prayer and thought and preparation has gone into this trip. And I know that God has Big Plans for moving and changing and calling countless readers, friends and followers this week.

This morning on Twitter, I wondered if it was possible that Emily or Tsh had packed a little piece of my heart in their bags as they travel to the Phillipines. No, I don’t imagine either of them packed a “Flat Mary” in their bags (Although, I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t mind if they did!), but by being willing to share their stories via social media, everyone on this Compassion trip is – essentially – taking us along with them.

I’m so thankful for that, and I can’t wait to see what they have to teach us and how God is going to use it all. Here are a few links for you, if you’d like to follow along, too!

Will you follow the Compassion Bloggers trip to the Phillipines this week?

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