I’ve done a lot of reading since staying home with Annalyn. (And not nearly enough cleaning. Coincidence? Hmm…) As you know, I’ve started on my list of classics to read (by “started,” I mean I gave up on Pride & Prejudice but finished Catcher in the Rye in a couple days). But I’ve also found myself reading a lot of YA fiction. For the non-book-nerds, that’s young adult fiction.

How did this happen?

Well, it all started with Harry Potter. (I do wonder how many more interesting stories begin with that statement…) My friend Chelley has been harassing strongly encouraging me to read her favorite books for years now. Once I wasn’t heading to work every day, 700 pages of a young wizard seemed less overwhelming and more interesting. And, oh, I did LOVE the whole series! As in, I wish I hadn’t read it yet so I could read it all over again. LOVE.

Then I read – and loved – a book by Jenny B. Jones, a new (to me) author, only to find out that it was her only adult novel. She had, however, written several teen novels. And since I tend to devour Every Single Book by an author after discovering him or her, well, I basically had no choice.

Then a friend (or a blog post?) recommended Jackson Pearce, saying her book As You Wish was “what I wished Twilight would’ve been.” I can’t for the life of me remember who suggested that book, but I agree. It was a million times better than stupid Twilight! (Yes. I said it. Twilight was stupid.)

Then I found out Lisa Tawn Bergren had written a YA series that involves time travel. (And, as a big geek who loves things like time travel, I couldn’t very well resist that!) And then I finally read the first Hunger Games book, a mere eight months after Annie recommended it.

And considering I read both Waterfall (by Bergren) and Hunger Games in a span of two whole days, I’m realizing that perhaps I’ve got a new favorite thing. I didn’t even really need the confirmation of checking out Sisters Red (another Jackson Pearce book) yesterday. But I totally did it anyway (and read more than half of it before going to bed)!

[Update: “more than half” = ALL OF IT. And out of all these books, this one – unfortunately – is my least favorite.]

So, why do I love reading YA fiction so much? Could it be the combination of emotional struggles, vivid characters, honest dialogue and quality writing overall? Or . . . it is possible that I’m simply stuck at age 15, a teenager in disguise? Let’s go with quality writing (and ignore the fact that I also quite enjoy movies and TV shows about high schoolers), shall we?

Do you like reading YA books? What’s YOUR favorite genre to read?

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