Don’t panic! Cancel the APB and remove my photo from milk cartons. I have not actually fallen off the face of the earth! (Although I just started reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and apparently the whole thing is based on the Earth being blown to pieces, and that is kind of an alarming thought.)

I’m not sure what that aside has to do with me not being missing, but as I was typing, it seemed relevant. Perhaps this would be a good time to mention my other idea for titling this post was, “Off Kilter.” (I know. You don’t come here for the blog post titles.)

Perhaps you haven’t noticed that I’ve missed a couple days of posting. Or perhaps you noticed but aren’t concerned. That’s okay. Um, yes, I realize that’s normal and expected and yes, Mom, I know the world does not revolve around me.

But, since I may not post for a couple more days, I thought I’d let you know why. Just common courtesy, you know?

First of all, while my daughter has been unexpectedly and delightfully well-behaved the past two weeks (quick! Someone knock on something!), it has still been an adjustment having her home all day. While my natural instincts lead me to spend many hours in front of the television and avoiding the increasingly muggy outdoors, that’s not the kind of summer I want for my child. So getting us up and out of the house – or at least doing something productive and/or fun – each day is taking more effort than I expected. I’m sure I’ll get it figured out and adjust to our new schedule soon. But for now, I’m a little off-kilter.

On top of that, my father-in-law has been in the hospital for the past several days. Due to several not necessarily serious issues and potentially serious complications, he’s having his third surgery in ten days as I’m typing this. That’s also messed with my schedule and stress level quite a bit.

So, until these two situations are resolved or adjusted to, I’m going to take some time away from regular blog posts. My plan is to be back on schedule next week, but – especially with my father-in-law – it’s really a wait and see sort of thing.

Thanks for understanding. And please know – I might not be missing, but I am missing you all!

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