This isn’t really a recipe. Well, it started out that way. But the last time I shared a recipe that didn’t really work out, you all didn’t like it. [As in, *crickets.*] So. This isn’t really a recipe.

It’s more along the lines of . . . my new favorite thing.

Back before Cinco de Mayo, Tatertots and Jello featured a tutorial for Faux Fried Ice Cream. It made me even sadder that I wasn’t having a Cinco de Mayo party. Or dinner. Or lunch.

So a couple weeks ago, when Michelle and I planned a Mexican fiesta, I decided it was finally [finally!] time to make this dessert. I had great intentions, I did. But soft ice cream + a complicated menu + two people and a three-year-old in one kitchen = no go.

The way it’s supposed to be done: Scoop vanilla ice cream and squish into balls with  ziploc-covered hands. Crush up corn flakes and add cinnamon and sugar. Roll the ice cream ball in the cereal. Freeze and serve later. Serve in a fried tortilla and garnish with whipped cream and a cherry.

The way I’m doing it and I’m liking it and you can’t stop me: Scoop a bunch of vanilla bean ice cream into a bowl. Cover it with cinnamon and sugar-seasoned corn flakes. Eat.

What’s your favorite way to eat ice cream?

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