I watch a lot of late-night reruns, many of them on Lifetime. (Hush. I know I’m not alone in this.) So for weeks now, I’ve been seeing commercials for a new series called Against the Wall.

Against the Wall is about Abby Kowalski, the youngest in a family of cops. Her three older brothers and her father are all on the force, and none of them are happy when she takes a job in Internal Affairs. While the tight-knit family facing internal and external conflict is nothing new – and the police drama has been done a million times – I think this show’s particular angles and twists make it a fresh story.

Last night I stayed up much too late watching the first three episodes of the show, and I’m hooked.

While watching the super cute lead character, played by Rachael Carpani, I couldn’t help but notice her resemblance to Meg Ryan. More specifically, a young, pre-plastic surgery Meg Ryan.

Rachael Carpani is best-known for her role in McLeod’s Daughters, the Australian drama. So that basically means she’s not well-known at all – and it’s not that easy to find great photos of her.

Meg Ryan, on the other hand, is – of course – very well-known, but ohhhh, that awful plastic surgery. Why can’t I find more photos of young Meg Ryan? Am I the only one who thinks those fish lips were actually worse than the plot of Kate and Leopold?

Thanks to all that, I spent WAY too much time sifting through photos. As in, enough time that I began thinking Carpani looks a little like Nicole Sullilvan, who I really only know from King of Queens (the late-night reruns strike again, because I’m not sure I would’ve remembered her from the first time I watched it). And I’d never thought it before, but post-plastic surgery (PPS?) Meg Ryan really makes me think of Calista Flockhart. Much as I loved Ally McBeal, that’s not really a compliment.

Although I suppose it works for Harrison Ford.

Anyway. I won’t take you any further down the rabbit hole that I fell into this morning. But I will recommend Against the Wall. New episodes air on Lifetime (yes, Lifetime) at 9pm CST on Sundays, and past episodes can be found online.

What do you think: Do Carpani and Ryan look alike? And be honest: Do you watch the Lifetime channel?


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