Yes, this is still a blog about TV. But I do enjoy the movies, too. And as a good friend pointed out, movies are played on TV sometimes.

So. You can just look forward to – or plan on ignoring, depending on your viewpoint, I suppose – a regular feature called “Mama’s Night at the Movies” where I share my opinion on the latest movies I’ve seen.

I’m not a movie expert, though, or a professional critic. I’m just a person who likes to watch movies…and share her opinion. So, just keep that in mind.

Let’s go to the movies, shall we?

Go see it now: Crazy, Stupid, Love. It’s a schmaltzy romantic comedy, sure. But it also pokes fun at the sappy genre and made me laugh HARD more than once.

Another sure bet {for kids}: Winnie the Pooh We took my three-year-old (and parents) to see this last weekend, and we all loved it. Well, my parents may not have loved it. But we all liked it, we all laughed several times, and we all loved watching that kiddo enjoy Pooh and friends. And it’s only 69 minutes long, which is just about perfect for a kids movie. For more than one reason.

Rent it tonight: In the past few weeks, I’ve seen Source Code, Adjustment Bureau, The Lincoln Laywer and Limitless. Yes, I do love the action flicks, thanks for asking. I’d recommend ALL of these movies if you like action or mysteries. The Lincoln Lawyer was the best, Source Code was the weirdest, and Adjustment Bureau and Limitless really make you think and could be good conversation starters. If you happen to like dissecting movies. Which I do.

Avoid at all costs: Sadly, I’ve also seen Beastly and No Strings Attached in the past few weeks. Both were just terrible. Cliches galore, more sap than even I could stand, and ridiculous all around. I wish I could give you more specific reasons to avoid these, but I can’t even bring myself to remember their details.

So, there you have it. What movies have YOU watched recently?

And don’t forget to take my poll in the sidebar about the Dirty Dancing remake! (Speaking of movies…)


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