My husband loves bacon. And, to be honest, so do I. But I don’t often cook it at home. First of all, it’s not healthy and since I have a hard time resisting tasty but unhealthy foods, I just don’t buy them. Second of all, cooking bacon is annoying.

Growing up, I thought everyone made bacon in the microwave. That’s how my mom does it, and she even gave me a special microwave bacon plate to do it in my home. Apparently (and according to my bacon connoisseur husband), the proper method for cooking bacon is on the stove. But that takes forever! It also makes a mess on my stove, and more often than not, I burn at least half of it. Annoying.

So when I started reading about baking bacon in the oven, I knew I’d have to give it a try. I finally did just that and used the steps listed on Homemade with Love.

Baking Bacon
1. Line a cookie sheet with foil.
2. Place thick-sliced bacon in one layer on the sheet. Do not overlap slices.
3. Turn oven to 400 degrees (don’t preheat). Put the bacon in the oven.
4. Check it after 15 minutes, but it might take closer to 20 minutes.
5. Place on paper towels and blot.
6. Enjoy perfectly cooked, crispy bacon!

Here’s one more little bacon-cooking tip. If you insist on frying your bacon and you don’t need full-length strips (if you’re going to use the bacon in a dish such as garlic chicken pasta, for example), chop it up before you fry it up. It takes a lot less time, although I can’t promise the grease won’t splatter like normal.

How do you cook your bacon? What’s your favorite way to eat bacon?

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