You may have noticed my posting lately has been sporadic. And focused on a random collection of topics. And full of logos and disclosures and fine print.

Are you annoyed, disappointed or otherwise bothered by the abundance of sponsored posts I’ve written lately? I’m sorry, and here’s what happened.

When I’m contacted about participating in a campaign, I don’t always know right away a) when my deadline is or b) whether I’ll be selected for said campaign. So, as opportunities arose this summer, my strategy was basically to agree or apply to everything and wait to see what stuck.

The result? Eight – count ’em, EIGHT – assignments, due within a couple weeks of each other. *sigh*

I haven’t forgotten – or abandoned – my pledge to focus on real writing. And I realize – or perhaps I’m assuming – that most of you don’t come here to read product reviews. But since I got myself into this unbalanced (although brief and temporary) phase of blogging, I do hope that you’ll learn about something you might be interested in or want to try out!

And even if you haven’t, I hope you’ll hang in here with me. I have a few more fun (yes, sponsored) posts to share with you next week, and then things should be back to normal around here.

Just in case you’ve missed my non-sponsored posts lately, here are a few.

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And because I’m sure you don’t want to miss all the fun posts on my new TV blog, Mama Loves Her Shows, here are those, too.

My Official Fall 2011 TV Schedule
10 Saddest Series Cancellations EVER
Ideas for a TV-Themed Wedding or Baby Shower
Casts & Characters I Want for Real-Life Friends

Thank you for reading. Still. Anyway.

And now I have a question for you. Are there any topics you’d like me to write about? Hit me with your best ideas in the comments!

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