In the past week I have washed curtains, vacuumed blinds, cleaned windows and dusted ceiling fans. I’ve also stayed caught up on dishes and laundry (for the most part), actually putting the clean stuff away as soon as it’s finished drying.

What has come over me? Who AM I, and what I have done with your favorite hates-to-clean blogger?

Never fear, friends. I still loathe cleaning, but for the first time in EVER, I have been following a little cleaning schedule I made for myself. I haven’t followed it perfectly, and you can still find PLENTY of dusty or dirty surfaces in my house. But for once in my life, I don’t feel overwhelmed with a less-than-sparkling house and the work it will take to restore it to a decent shape.

You know who’s taught me about making a cleaning schedule – specifically, one that fits me and my house and my family? My friend Christine, who writes I Dream of Clean. And Christine is having a big day today. She’s re-launching her e-book, Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule!

At the moment (it’s 3:00 pm my time), she’s in the process of selling 200 copies of her e-book for just $2.00 each. (Discount code: 200for2 Once she sells that bunch of books, she’ll move onto 300 for $3.00, 400 for $4.00 and 500 for $5.00. From then on, the book is still just $5.99 – which is a STEAL when you work through the easy steps she provides and end up with a cleaning schedule that you’ll actually follow for once in your life.

(No offense. I realize you have probably stuck with cleaning schedules many times before. I was just, ahem, projecting a little…)

If you’re interested in this e-book, why not get your copy now and save a few bucks? Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule is a step-by-step guide to create a plan tailor made for you. It has a master list of every possible cleaning task that came to mind and many of them link back to “how to” posts so you can complete them better and faster. It also has calendar templates available for you to use when creating your schedule, and it’s a short (17 pages), quick and easy read.

Do you follow a cleaning schedule? Have you ever tried a one-size-fits-all system? I’d love to hear what works for you!

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