What year is it? I am now officially hooked on two – count ’em, TWO! – shows on the CW. The last time that happened, Veronica Mars and The Gilmore Girls were still with us.


Look, I’m not saying I’m proud of this. Normally, I mock the CW like any other grown adult who pretends she doesn’t love all things soapy and teeny bopper. And the first show I started watching on the channel this fall (Ringer, starring Ioan Gruffudd, Krisoffer Polaha and, oh yeah, Sarah Michelle Gellar) is admittedly ridiculous. But Hart of Dixie, which I watched for the first time this week? It is really good!

The basic premise of this hour-long comedy drama starring Rachel Bilson is pretty much a rip-off of the movie, Doc Hollywood, which I also liked very much. Big city doctor ends up in small town, and somehow she ends up liking it and fitting in. Kind of. Maybe.

The show is full of real characters, lots of sarcasm, thick accents, country music (which I love and don’t you mock me!) and apparently two actors from Friday Night Lights. (I say “apparently,” because I had to look it up. I haven’t watched that show yet, but yes, I will soon, I promise, so don’t bug me about it!) It has the same warm but quirky small-town feel of Ed and The Gilmore Girls, two of my all-time favorites. I think I even read somewhere that it’s filmed on the same set as Gilmore Girls. The town sure looks familiar, either way.

I don’t really have time to add another show to my Monday night (Hart of Dixie is on at 8 pm CST), but I’m going to anyway. Hart of Dixie is a keeper, so I’m glad I got around to checking it out!

Have you found any new shows this fall? {Do you watch the CW? Go ahead, admit it. We won’t judge!}

What should you watch next?


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