I watched the premiere of Pan Am last Sunday. It was, in many ways, lovely. That 60s style – with the music and the makeup and the costumes and the hats – is so fun to watch. But this pilot wasn’t riveting.

The idea behind it – stewardesses [they weren’t flight attendants back then, you know] doubling as spies – is right up my alley. But at least in this first episode, it wasn’t all that interesting.

I might watch it again to give it a shot, but I’m not sure this one will make the regular rotation. Did you watch Pan Am? Did you like it? (Should I give it another chance?)

I have a few more updates for you. I watched second episodes of several shows, and some of my opinions have changed a bit.

  • 2 Broke Girls – I want to like this. After all, the critics seem to like it and CBS claims it’s TV’s #1 new show. But . . . eh. It’s okay, but not that great. And since Mondays are pretty full, this one might not be a new regular for me.
  • New Girl – I liked the first episode a lot, but didn’t see the second one. And apparently, FOX is under the impression that not making it available online is a good marketing move. Not true, FOX. Not true.
  • Ringer – I’ve watched three episodes now. And while there’s probably an argument to be made that it’s awful, I kind of love it. It’s soapy and maybe even a bit campy, but I can’t look away. 
  • Up All Night – It. Is. So. Funny. Well, half of the show is funny. The other half – the half that’s called Maya Rudolph – I could do without. I’ll keep watching, though, because the funny part is So. Good.
  • Free Agents – Remember when I said this show was terrible? Well, when I needed something to distract me from blowing up 40 balloons for my daughter’s birthday party, I watched the second and third episodes online. And . . . I’m a bit chagrined to admit that they weren’t bad. I do enjoy the setting of a PR agency, and there’s something strangely appealing about Hank Azaria and his character. So, I’ll watch a few more episodes and see how it goes.

Have you changed your mind about any new shows?


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