Remember when I said I was starting a new blog called Mama Loves Her Shows? Yeah? It was about two months ago. And . . . I’ve decided to shut it down.

Yes, it’s been fun. And, based on the market, I still think it’s a great idea and has fairly solid financial potential. If only I had the desire to put more time and energy into it.

I haven’t found many television blogs focused on women. And everyone knows that niche blogs are more easily monetized. But you know what everyone doesn’t know? Just how much time it takes to build and monetize a brand spanking new blog.

Even if it is a great idea. Even if you do launch it right before the new season of shows begins. Even if you do come up with a cute title and header and font.

When I started this blog, I didn’t know anything about analytics or subscribers. So I didn’t watch, day after day, as my numbers started small and stayed small. It turns out – that is painful. And kind of an enthusiasm killer.

But even more than the slow start and the realization of how much work it would take to really build an audience for my new blog, I realized – almost the moment I hit “publish” – that television is not my passion.

No, I never thought it was. But I thought I enjoyed it enough to sustain an entire blog. And . . . I don’t. I love TV, but I don’t love it enough.

So it appears that 2011 is the year of trying new things only to quit them. (Oh, who am I kidding? That’s kind of the theme of my entire life! But THAT is a thought process for another blog post.)

Soon I’ll be moving all of the posts from Mama Loves Her Shows to a separate page on Giving Up on Perfect. I’ll still write about TV, and you’ll still be able to subscribe. It will just all be in one place, without the pressure of growing and doing more and tweeting and promoting and all that. It will be, you know, fun again.

Have you tried anything new – that didn’t work out – recently?

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