Quick! Before the Halloween candy is gone, go buy a bag of candy corn! I promise, when you mix it up with M&Ms and peanuts, you will not regret it.

Unless you hate candy corn. And then you might regret it. I can’t say for sure.

You know what I love about this super easy and impossible to resist candy mix? It is what prompted the realization that two of my very favorite people knew each other in college.

{Well, that and the perfect ratio of salty to sweet. But honestly, that really is secondary!}

My church friend Mandy and my work friend Daphne were in the same sorority, but I had no idea that they even knew each other. (Clearly, this story happened before everybody and their sister was on Facebook. Yes, it’s true. Such a world did exist.) Mandy had introduced me to the wonder of mixing candy corn, M&Ms and peanuts, and she called it “Theta Mix,” after her sorority.

I was, for a time, obsessed with this (Not healthy. At all.) snack, partly because of Mandy’s claim that eating a peanut, an M&M and a piece of candy corn at the same time tasted just like a Snicker’s bar. I kept trying and trying to taste what she was talking about, but I just couldn’t get it. Like a champ, though, I kept on trying.

{Look, I love this candy mix. But it does not taste like Snickers to me. (Neither does peanut M&Ms eaten with candy corn, no matter what Smitty says.)}

So I took a bowl of candy corn, M&Ms and peanuts to work one day (probably in a desperate move to Get. The. Candy. Out. Of. My. House.), and I told my friend Daphne about my friend Mandy’s claim about it tasting like a Snickers bar. She said of course it does, and she knew that from her sorority days.

And that’s when the pieces fell into place.

It’s not like figuring that out really rocked our worlds or anything. We don’t have BFF necklaces (split three ways, of course) or embroidered friendship bracelets in honor of our friend-of-a-friend relationships. But I just loved finding out that two of the people I enjoy most were in the same sorority for a couple years in college. I liked imagining that if I’d gone to their school (which I seriously considered for most of my high school years!), I might have been in their sorority, too – and been friends with them even back then!

Who knows? It’s not really important. But it’s a fun little story to me, and it’s partly why I fix a big bowl of this candy mix at least once every fall.

To make the Fall Candy Mix {or, if you’d rather, the Theta Mix}: Mix equal parts candy corn, M&Ms and peanuts. The end.

Yep, it’s just that simple.

Do you have any favorite foods from college? Have you ever discovered that people from separate parts of your life know each other? And how do you feel about candy corn? (It seems to be a love it or hate it sort of food…)

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