Now that we’re two months into the fall season, it’s time to re-evaluate. Some new shows are great; others are, well, not worthy of my poor, overworked VCR’s last tapes.

[Seriously, that machine is almost dead. The remote doesn’t work at all, so when I watch taped shows I have to watch the commercials, too. Like an animal.]

Anyway, here’s how the fall line-up has shaken out for me:

Sunday: I watched the pilot of Pan Am, but that was it for me. Once Upon a Time, though? I LOVE. I mean, really, it’s like Disney movies for grown-ups!

Monday: How I Met Your Mother is kind of killing me with the sadness and the no mother. But I will watch this one to the very end. Which should probably come as soon as possible. (Which is really a year and a half away, because it had a two-season renewal last year. So don’t freak out. Or yell at me.)

What I am LOVING on Mondays is Hart of Dixie and Castle. These two shows are, by far, my two favorite dramas. (Once Upon a Time is a close third.)

Tuesday: Of course, I’m watching NCIS. But I’m also watching what’s kind of the opposite of NCIS – New Girl. I’m calling it the opposite because it’s super trendy and cutesy and light and hilarious. Whereas NCIS is, according to some, not so much hip and cool. Whatever. I love them both.

Wednesday: Up All Night gets funnier every week. If they could just fix the Maya Rudolph part of the show, it would be gold. I’m still watching Modern Family and Happy Endings, although not religiously. And, much as I hate to say it, Psych is kind of starting to bore me. *gasp!* I KNOW! How could I say something so horrible?! But it’s true. And it just gets worse on Thursdays . . .

Thursday: I love, love, love Parks & Recreation. It is absolutely my favorite half-hour show on right now. Community, however, is just okay to me. I still like it and I still watch it, but do I love it? Ummm . . . meh. And, though it kills me to say it, I feel the same about Bones and Burn Notice.

I know! Who am I? What has happened to me? Where did the love go?

Friday: Thankfully, my love for Chuck has never waned or wavered. It’s only here for a few more episodes, and I will watch and love every single minute we have left.

Earlier in the season, I watched Against the Wall and Warehouse 13. I love them both, but I’ll admit it’s a relief that their seasons have ended for now.

Several shows didn’t make the cut: Pan Am, The Good Wife (insert sad face here, because I really wish I had time to watch this one!), 2 Broke Girls (ugh.), Terra Nova, Glee (So. Disappointing.), Ringer (I just couldn’t do it anymore.), Unforgettable, Parenthood (I’m adding this one to my watch-on-DVD-someday list.), Suburgatory (I should love this one. But I don’t.), Big Bang Theory and The Office.

*sigh* So much TV and so little time.

What shows have you give up on? Which ones are you loving and watching every week?

What should you watch next?


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