Once I realized I couldn’t fit all the books, movies and TV shows I loved in 2011 into one post, I faced the dilemma of how to split it all up. These days it seems like all my favorite mediums are all smushed together. Books become movies, movies become TV shows, and TV shows become, well, I don’t know.

[Here’s what I do know: Much as I loved Napoleon Dynamite, the movie, I’m pretty sure I’ll take a pass on the TV version.]

Speaking of TV, 2011 was one strange year for me and my old non-flat-screen and VCR combo. I loved TV. I started a TV blog. I loved my TV blog. Then I didn’t. So I moved my TV blog. Then I shut down my TV blog. And, in the end, I found a new balance with my love of TV.

It turns out (shocker!) that television is not actually my favorite past-time or my passion (as several well-meaning, supportive friends claimed). It’s just . . . something I really like.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, can we get back to chatting about TV like normal? Good. Here are my top TV thoughts from 2011:

  1. Some of my favorites are still my favorites:How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Chuck
  2. Some of my favorites are – dare I say it? – not holding my interest quite as much as they used to. I’m still watching, but the honeymoon might be over: Modern Family, Glee, Bones, So You Think You Can Dance and NCIS. [I know. Who AM I? WHAT is going on here?]
  3. I have so many conflicting feelings about The Office. I hated the episodes with Will Ferrell. I loved the episodes counting down Michael Scott’s farewell. And now that Andy Bernard is the big boss and the show just keeps going on, I have stopped watching it completely. Sadness.
  4. I’m looking forward to the return of 30 Rock and crossing my fingers for the return of Cougar Town and Community. You hear me, NBC?
  5. I am love, love, loving a few new shows from this fall: Once Upon a Time, New Girl, Up All Night and Hart of Dixie.
  6. I am not loving Suburgatory, though, much as I wanted to. And I really wanted to.
  7. And I cannot WAIT for Smash.
  8. Or the return of the barely spared and randomly renewed Breaking In.
  9. It was a ridiculous show, I admit, but I really enjoyed watching Franklin & Bash this summer. Really. Enjoyed it.
  10. I might be a late adopter, late to the game and late pretty much everywhere I go, but I’m glad I finally jumped on the Parks & Recreation bandwagon. Like I say every week, I could not love this show any more.

Well, would you look at that? A top 10 list, just like that. You know, I used to be a TV blogger . . .

Anyway, enough about TV. (For now. Of course. Duh.) Let’s talk about movies!

When Mark and I were looking for a movie to rent last weekend, we started talking about the movies we’ve watched lately. And we concluded that, at least in our house, this hasn’t been the best year for movies. That doesn’t mean I didn’t see some great movies. I did! (But, I also found myself with a babysitter, a date and no movie I really felt like watching more than once in the past 12 months. Wah-waaahh.)

Back to the good movies, though. Here are my favorites from the past year:

And, before you ask why it’s not on my list, here’s the list of movies I haven’t seen but want to because I hear it’s great: The Help, Bridesmaids, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, part two, Midnight in Paris, The Rise of the Planet of Apes, The Descendants, The Iron Lady and The King’s Speech.

What movies and TV shows did you watch in 2011? What did you love – or not love?

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