Last week Annalyn asked me for a piece of printer paper to scribble draw a picture on. I said no and as she started to complain, I said [sarcastically, because that often works with four-year-olds. Oh, wait.], “Ohhhh, poor baby! It’s too bad you don’t have anything to color on. It’s too bad you only have 12 coloring books in your basket over there.”

Without missing a beat, she said, “But I want 13 coloring books!”

I just about lost it right then and there. Are you kidding me? Some kids don’t have any coloring books! Some kids don’t even have crayons! There are starving children in Africa!!!

Last weekend, Mark and I were discussing work schedules and budgets and other fun topics, and he said, “Yeah, because we’re broke.”

Again, I came a little unglued. Broke? Really? Because we’ve been broke, and this is NOT it. And really? When we were so-called “broke”? It’s not like we were really, really POOR. We don’t even KNOW poor. Come ON!”

Clearly we are suffering from the first-world problems in my house. And I’m afraid I have to say “we” in that statement, because I’m just as bad as my family. Which just might explain why I was so sensitive to their overblown statements and ridiculous complaints. Because I’m just as overblown and ridiculous as they are.

Thanks to one little click on Twitter this morning, I fell down the hilarious rabbit hole (and sad commentary) of first-world problems posts. I’m sure you’ve read some yourself, but in case you missed these, here are the ones I found today:

I’m halfway through a serious, deep thoughts sort of post, but after reading those (and more), I had to chime in with my own list of first-world problems.

  1. My house is really cold. I have to wear slippers while I sit on the couch and watch TV.
  2. It is such a pain to copy and paste links from my Delicious bookmarks. It takes three steps!
  3. I have to go to the bank in person to close my health savings account [from four years ago], because they won’t let me do it over the phone.
  4. Pinterest and Hootsuite keep logging me out, even though I click the “remember me” button.
  5. I forgot to get some things at the store yesterday, so I’m going to have to go back again today.
  6. I only need two things, though, so I can’t decide if I should take in a reusable bag or not.
  7. The next book in the series I’m officially addicted to is on hold at the library. I’m number 237 in line, and I don’t want to wait.
  8. Every time I buy a Groupon for house cleaning, the company goes out of business. I hate cleaning my own house. [Seriously. On both counts.]
  9. I keep forgetting my password for paying my student loan bill online.
  10. My VCR remote is broken, so I can’t fast forward through commercials. What am I, an animal?

What about you – do you have any first-world problems? Go ahead and get them off your chest in the comments. You know you’ll feel better!

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