Blue Suitcase

The good news is: My suitcases have been put away since Tuesday. The mound of dirty laundry I brought home is mostly clean, and all of the sponsor gifts and swag have found homes in my home. Except for the applesauce. That’s still sitting on the kitchen counter.

I got home from my fourth BlissDom Conference on Sunday morning. I’m expecting to feel fully recovered sometime this weekend.

Is there an equation? Multiply the number of days spent traveling by the number of flights taken, carry the one and divide by the number of bags you lugged home? Then, voila! You know exactly how long it will take to recover from a trip out of town?

I wish.

When I got home on Sunday I was so exhausted I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I’m sure I made quite the picture, trying to drag two suitcases and two bags out of the airport to catch my shuttle. (I don’t even want to talk about how embarrassing it was to run into my favorite PR people, headed home from BlissDom themselves, at the Nashville airport. No, I had not bothered to dry my hair at that point. Or comb it. I was TIRED and oh-so-classy at that point.)

So the fact that I did a boatload of work, emptied and reloaded my dishwasher, bought a few groceries and showered before lunch today? I figure I’m doing pretty good.

Just because I haven’t written a word about the actual conference, still have a pile of dirty dishes to deal with, and am heading to bed early before doing either one . . . I’m sure that doesn’t mean I’m still recovering from my trip out of town.

How long does it take you to recover from a busy trip out of town?

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