Apparently, when I wrote about keeping a house clean when life happens, I was preparing for The Stomach Flu of 2012. Although, perhaps I should have prepared a bit more, since every counter is covered in dirty dishes, my refrigerator is seriously bare and the laundry . . . well, the victims of the flu have been washed, so that’s something.

Update: Not ALL the victims. *sigh*

I’ve never been a good nurse. For some reason, all my empathy and caregiver instincts fly out the window the second someone in my house is sick. [Especially when said someone is my husband.] After caring for a puking kiddo on Sunday, I wasn’t too sympathetic with a puking husband on Tuesday. I mean, I had an upset stomach, too! Who was taking care of ME? [Yes, you should hear that in the whiny, big baby voice I thought it in.]

Don’t get me wrong. I still brought home Sprite, handed out crackers and piled up germ-infested blankets by the washer. But I didn’t like it. Which is why it’s only fair that my bout with this bug has been longer-lived than Mark’s and Annalyn’s.

I’d really like to say that this flu couldn’t come at a worse time, what with me finishing one project, in the middle of a second and beginning a third. But better this week than next, though. Flying to Nashville for Blissdom just to park it in the bathroom would be real annoying. [Although perhaps hugging an Opryland toilet would be more pleasant than hugging my own. You know, not having a housekeeper here and all?]

So I’m thankful to be sick this week and not next. And I’m even more thankful that my husband is nicer than me and just brought home a 12-pack of 7UP.

Are you a good nurse? Are you going to Blissdom? Will I ever be able to eat again???

(Don’t worry. That last one is hypothetical. And probably payback for posting another cupcake recipe.)

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