You know what’s a pain? Pulling grapes off the stems. I mean, a bunch of grapes just has so many stems! And sometimes, I try to be a hero and pull off three at once . . . and you know what happens? I get grapes with tiny stems in my mouth.

The good news is I’ve never said those words out loud. The bad news? That rant has run through my head more than once. In the past week.

I’ve finished four days of eating low carb, and I’ve only been hangry (you know, hungry + angry = hangry) once. I’ve been starving a few times but, shockingly, full a few times, too. My fridge is full of produce, and surprise! I’ve stayed within my Weight Watchers points every single day.

It turns out those pesky carbs were pretty heavy on the points.

So it’s been going pretty well, this attempt at a low-carb diet. But it’s not easy.

I don’t really like vegetables.
Who knew beans have carbs?
Eating carrots without dip makes me gag.
Oreos are on sale this week.
Washing and chopping fruits and veggies takes so long.
I really wanted a Rice Krispy treat at small group this morning.
My husband made spaghetti and I wanted some.
Buying healthy food is expensive.
My daughter keeps eating my yogurt. And my spinach.
Olive oil and vinegar isn’t as tasty as ranch dressing.
My fridge is too full.
Scrambling an egg takes way longer than nuking a packet of oatmeal.
I’m a little tired of grilled chicken.
Did I mention the Oreos?

It’s true. Eating healthy, being healthy is hard. But you know what else is hard? Cramming yourself into an airplane seat and hoping the seat belt fits. Never painting your toenails because it’s just too awkward to bend over that long. Not finding your size in “normal” stores. Being sweaty the entire weekend of Blissdom because walking around the Opryland is more exercise than you’ve gotten in months.

After my friend Jill hosted a Twitter party about healthy eating last night, she told me one of the participants said, “Being fat is hard. Being healthy is hard. Choose your hard.

She may or may not have chosen to share that with me because I texted her the night before from the grocery store saying, “I’m spending a million dollars on poultry and veggies. Ahh! Potatoes are so cheap!!”

[That quote was from Jamie VanEaton of]

So I’m going to stick with this healthy thing for a while. It’s hard. And I will probably [definitely] whine along the way. But I’m not ready to quit just yet. And, oh yeah, I’m giving asparagus a try tonight.

What hard are you choosing?

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