I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I really want to say that the scale is a fickle bitch. But I don’t usually swear here, so I hesitated to express my true feelings.

When I weighed in this morning and gained a pound and a half instead of losing anything, I shrugged my shoulders and held in my tears. As I’m not a very good actress, my Weight Watchers leader smiled and said, “Oh, I’d love to know what’s going on in your head right now.”

She might have changed her mind if she could’ve heard the whining and swearing that was going on in there.

Here’s the truth, though. The scale wasn’t fickle this week. I was.

Dang it! I hate admitting that!

Two weeks ago, I decided to cut out carbs. Well, for the most part. I ate fruit and a few starchy vegetables (corn, beans – but no potatoes), and my daily cup of yogurt was low calorie but also had some added sugar. And you know what happened? I lost five pounds.

Now, I know that’s not something I could keep up for weeks on end, but going right back to a solid gain the following week was not cool.

I know what happened, though. I saw a little bit of success and got cocky. I thought that after one week, I’d mastered the life of healthy choices and smart habits. And I let myself eat a few carbs.

Listen. I am not saying that carbs are bad. I’m not saying that a high-protein, low-carb diet is smart or right or healthy for everyone. What I’m saying is that, for me, carbs (the fluffy, bread/pasta/potatoes kind) are a trigger. Like that old commercial says (for chips? candy? I don’t know, but it’s definitely a carb.), once I start eating it I just can’t stop.

And I just can’t go there.

So this week’s weigh-in was a . . . wench. It really was. Seeing those ugly numbers on the scale was a slap in the face, and it made me mad. But I can’t really stay mad at the scale. The scale didn’t eat half a basket of tortilla chips – twice. And the scale didn’t perform a magic trick, making an entire bag of chocolate chips disappear.

That was all me.

Back to the low-carb drawing board. And back to the grocery store to buy more fruits and veggies. After all, I ate the asparagus that first week and it wasn’t awful.

[I took a picture of my plate, with my asparagus and grilled chicken, to show you proof of how healthy and awesome I was. But the picture didn’t really turn out. But that day? Well, that meal? I was SO healthy and awesome.]

Do you have a trigger food? Something you can’t stop eating once you start?

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