Have you seen one of these things before?

My mom’s school was on spring break this week, so Annalyn spent the night with my parents earlier this week. To celebrate our weeknight freedom, Mark and I hit up the Tuesday night pizza buffet. (Whoo! We are wild!) When it came time to fill up our plastic cups, we were faced with this. This robot thing.

What? Are we living in outer space now?

According to the website (and the brightly branded magic pop machine and the tents on every table), the Coca-Cola Freestyle offers 100+ drink choices. And a touchscreen. It’s like an iPad for your soda.

It’s weird. And destined to create long lines of thirsty, frustrated and indecisive customers, I’m sure.

Cherry Coke is one of my favorite drinks, and any vanilla drink takes me back to childhood trips to the town drugstore (which also had an old-fashioned fountain). But more than 100 choices? Is this really necessary at the pizza buffet? Or Wendy’s (the other place I’ve seen one)?

I don’t know. I’m not really sold on this robots-making-my-drink thing. Then again, I am the girl who still owns – and uses – a VCR.

What do you think? What was the last “the future is here” thing you’ve seen?

[Seriously. Is this fancy drink machine a good thing? What’s next – a box that will let me record and control all the TV shows I could want, watching them at my leisure and skipping the commercials with a push of the button?!]

Oh shut up. I’m getting a DVR in a few weeks! Can you believe it?!

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