Apple Oat meal dessert for two - served hot and with icecream plus toffee sauce @ Pizza Hut Dublin - 01/2010! Delights!:)

“I’m going to leave this one bite, okay, Mommy?”

I hear that, without fail, at every meal. Just like she hears, “Eat four more bites,” and “Less talking and more eating, please!”

It doesn’t bother me, her leaving one bite of food on her plate. I work hard to teach her healthy eating habits (you know, so she doesn’t end up like me, figuring it out in her 30s!), and cleaning her plate every single time we sit down to eat isn’t necessarily a healthy goal.

But it amuses me, for sure. She’s [mostly] a pretty obedient girl, but she’s also quite strong-willed. And leaving that one bite? Is her way of taking back a tiny bit of control.

Just like when I insist on controlling the stereo volume in the car when Mark is driving. For the longest time, it has driven me [ha! No pun intended, I promise.] batty to ride in the car with my family if I’m in the passenger seat. Annalyn never stops talking (or louder) and Mark just keeps cranking the radio up – and then trying to talk to me! Drives. Me. Cuh-razy.

I realized, as I was thinking about Annalyn and her one bite power play, that the volume in the car is my control hot button. I can’t control her carrying on in the back seat. I can’t control Mark’s speed or blinker usage. I can’t really control anything from that seat! But I can demand that the noise level be brought under control. My control.

This certainly isn’t the only area of my life that I try to control, and today isn’t the first time I’ve been called a control freak (even by myself). But I thought it was funny to recognize the ways that a) my quirks show up in the strangest places and b) my daughter is like me in so many ways!

Are you a control freak? Where does that tendency show up in your life?

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