I know. I don’t have a TV blog anymore. But sometimes? Like during February sweeps and season finale season? I kind of miss it.

So let’s talk about season finales. Just for a minute. It’s Friday, after all. What else were you going to do today?

Once Upon a Time: I Can. Not. Wait. to see how they write the next season of this show! After watching the whole season with the premise of fairytale characters not remembering who they are, I just don’t know what they’re going to do now that the characters have their memories back.

About the finale specifically, it wasn’t actually my favorite episode. I don’t buy Prince Charming in Storybrooke, even with his memory back. He’s been a real schmuck in our world. Is he just going to magically turn into an actual charming prince of a man? I just don’t know. As for the bad guys, they are SO GOOD at being bad! Mr. Gold and Regina manage to be multifaceted but still despicable, and it is delicious.

How I Met Your Mother: Robin is marrying Barney! Sometime in the future! Unless there’s another twist! Okay, three major developments to discuss here. First of all, Barney is currently engaged to the wrong woman – awesome. Second of all, Lily and Marshall had a baby and his name is Marvin WaitForIt Ericson – totally awesome. And thirdly, Ted decided to run off with Victoria on the day of her wedding – so not awesome. This is the first time I haven’t loved the Victoria character, and this whole thing was incredibly disappointing. Two out of three isn’t quite legendary, but still pretty good.

Hart of Dixie: I love this show. It got pretty bad reviews, but I find it delightful. It reminds me of Gilmore Girls and Ed, so how could it be wrong? And the finale? A great ending to a great first season. I love that the wedding didn’t happen. I love that Wade and Zoe did. And the ending with a brand-new George-Zoe-Wade triangle was the best kind of painful that a finale should be.

Castle: You know I love procedurals. And this is by far my favorite one. Unlike certain other shows, Castle only took four seasons to put its two main characters together. Next season will have a lot of consequences, I’m sure, from Castle and Beckett’s new relationship and from Beckett quitting her job. I can’t wait to see what happens.

NCIS: It pains me to say it, especially since I’m literally watching an NCIS marathon as I write this, but I found this season a little ho-hum. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching for so long. Maybe it’s because I do love Castle more. But aside from the addition of Jamie Lee Curtis (which I mostly loved), this season was boring. The finale, though? Not boring at all. Ducky having a heart attack on the beach, alone, while the rest of the team was in the office when a bomb hit it was the opposite of ho-hum. And after reading that not all the actors have renewed their contracts, I’m nervous to see who makes it and who doesn’t!

New Girl: I loved this new show. I don’t love the word, “adorkable.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Nick and Jess. Do you think they should become a couple? Now? And how much do you love Schmidt? For me, I’m all for Nick+Jess, at least for a while, and Schmidt is my absolute favorite.

Psych: This is another one of my favorites that is starting to lose my interest. I know! I hate saying that. I do. I love Shawn and Gus and the whole crew and all their pop culture references and crazy nicknames and 80s covers while the credits roll. But I think this one might be nearing the end of its run. However, we’re talking finales today, and I have to admit that watching Henry (Shawn’s dad) get shot in the chest in the last few seconds of the show was a huge shock! Way to make sure I tune in for one more season, Psych.

Community: Well, the Internet is awash with the news of Dan Harmon leaving the show. I guess if I still had a TV blog, I’d have to weigh in on the big controversy. But since I don’t, I will just talk about those last three episodes. I’m one of the few people who love Community but don’t love the high concept episodes like the video game ep. I also have been annoyed with the whole Chang character since, oh, I don’t know, he started. But while I thought the video game episode was blah, I thought the Change episode was really funny. And the last episode, with Evil Abed and Good Jeff, was awesome. It was obviously written as a possible series finale, and I loved how it wrapped everything up – and not in a dark timeline.

Parks & Recreation: Could I love this show any more than I already do? No. I really could not. Although I thought that before, and then they added Paul Rudd. I loved The Debate episode more than the actual finale, but just barely. Leslie’s win was perfect, and really, the whole episode was. Yes. You’re right. I’m gushing a bit. This is a Parks & Rec love fest. Deal with it.

Up All Night: This show ended several weeks ago, and I didn’t even realize it was the finale when I watched it. But I’m including it because I so, so loved the Chris and Reagan second proposal stuff. So cute and so romantic. The Ava half of this show needs a lot of work. I hope they fix it before next season – and I hope they keep everything that made the Reagan half work so well.

What season finales did you watch this year? Which ones did you love? Which ones did you not love so much?

Oh yeah – also – what will you be watching this summer? I’ll be watching So You Think You Can Dance, Warehouse 13, Franklin & Bash, White Collar, Covert Affairs and Burn Notice (maybe. My interest in this one is waning.). I’m also hoping to find Downton Abbey online or on DVD. It’s time I found out what the buzz is about! And, okay, I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I’ll be watching Jane by Design and Melissa & Joey. Yep. Sure will.

What shows will you be watching this summer?

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