Sometimes when I tell a story, I like to go through all the details and twists and turns. I find myself saying things like, “To make a short story long,” and then, eventually, “Yeah, yeah, I’m getting to the point!” I like to over-explain and anticipate any possible reaction you might have – and then address it before you can even have it.

It’s kind of annoying sometimes.

So today I’m just going to cut to the chase [after two paragraphs of rambling introduction]. Monday Morning Mmmm is over. I’m not going to post a recipe every Monday anymore.

If I make something really great or interesting or pretty, I might still share it. But I’m taking a break from forcing myself to try enough new recipes to have something to share every single Monday morning. I hope you’re not too bummed out. Based on the response my recipe posts have gotten lately, I don’t think you will be.

The good news is that this frees up a day to share funny stories or meaningful insights with you. The bad news is my small group and other friends no longer will be asked to be my new recipe guinea pigs. Then again, maybe that’s the good news for them. (Probably not, though, as this food blogging phase of mine has involved things like snickerdoodle cake, chicken taquitos, jalapeno popper dip and bacon-wrapped green beans!)

I’m linking to all of my recipes in this post – more than 60 of them! With very few exceptions, these foods are super easy to make and delicious. I can’t promise they’re healthy [because they’re mostly not], but they ARE good. Enjoy!


Main Dishes

Side Dishes


Mexican Food



What’s your favorite recipe? (Not one of mine! Just your favorite thing to make in general. What do you love to make?)

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