This weekend, my church is having a picnic. Less than two months ago, not long after I’d started my new job at my church, I found out that I would be the person in charge of planning this picnic. And then I found out that this wasn’t just any picnic. It was a campus-wide worship service plus baptisms plus picnic for about 800 people.

Long story short, that’s why I haven’t been blogging much – or consistently – lately. While I realize that the world isn’t going to start spinning more slowly next week, I’m hoping my head will. Until then . . .

Do you know my friend Nester? She’s only totally famous. [And hilarious and sweet and super smart, but now it just sounds like I’m sucking up.] And every October she writes on the same topic for 31 days in a row – and asks her friends to do the same thing.

Not the same topic. Just the same commitment to writing about one thing for one long month. This year, I’m excited to join her – but I need your help.

I’m going to write every day in October about giving up on perfect. Duh. Seems like a no-brainer, right? My plan is to write my way – and possibly yours – to feeling a little more comfortable in my imperfect skin. Where you come in is in what ways we are giving up on perfect.

What areas do you struggle with perfectionism the most? Parenting? Housework? Diet or exercise? Keeping in touch with friends or caught up on your scrapbooking? Kicking bad habits or starting new good ones? Painting your nails or ironing your pants? Reading the classics, the Bible or your horoscope? Juggling your job and your life? Cooking dinner more than you order out?

Please share the areas where you’d most like to give up on perfect, and we’ll work through it together this fall!

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