Last week I made a list of everything I want to accomplish in the next 10 weeks. Then I looked at my calendar and realized that, really, I don’t have 10 weeks. I have a outlandishly long list of things to do between now and the first week of October.

You know, about six weeks from now? Yeah.

I thought it would held my building anxiety to talk over the next month and a half with Mark. But as I told him, I realized just how busy these next several weeks will be and just how hard I’ll have to work to finish all the projects I’ve started.

It made me want to cry. Actually, it still does.

Life is busy, isn’t it? Even though your projects and to-dos might be different than mine, I bet your fall is still pretty busy.

It might be my favorite season by far (the weather! the leaves! the jeans-and-sweatshirts! the comfort food and coming-soon holidays!), but autumn brings a whole slew of pressures that summer often leaves us unprepared to face.

– Back to school shopping. Back to school meetings.
– New classes, new teams, new highlighters and glue sticks.
– Activities every other (or every!) night of the week.
– Time change and bedtime change. Diaper change and job change.
– Jeans that used to fit and crock pots full of yummy dips.
Pinterest projects to pin and crafts that seem so easy but are really too hard.
– Book clubs and Bible studies and dance lessons starting again.
– Babysitters going back to college. Parents (aka, babysitters!) going on a cruise.
– Tailgating. Cookie baking. Apple picking and pumpkin carving.

For me, I have a new job I’m still settling into, a daughter going back to preschool, Cubbies and swim lessons, a husband who works crazy and long hours, a conference I’m speaking at and a conference I’m attending, a family vacation to plan – and go on, two birthday parties to plan and a Halloween costume to find. I’ve got a stack of books I need to read, and a treadmill that I’ve sworn to get back on. And then there’s this commitment to write every day in the month of October.

Thankfully, before I can truly begin hyperventilating at the out-of-controlness of it all, I remember that’s the point. I’m not in control. He is.

As I’m heading into this season of busyness and important projects and if-I-don’t-get-this-done-the-world-will-end, I’m committing to looking to God before I look at my to-do list and taking one step at a time. Both are important, the spiritual and the practical, and both will make the difference between reaching this fall’s finish line with a leap or a limp.

So this afternoon, I’m facing my to-do lists and calendars (yes, multiples on both counts) like a big girl. I’m setting myself some deadlines, because I know that I work well under pressure and don’t work at all without it. And tonight I’ll go to bed early (for me), so I can get up early (for me) in the morning and start a new Bible reading plan.

{Okay, fine. The new Bible reading plan is actually just finishing my one-Proverb-a-day plan from May that I barely started before falling [hard] off the quiet time wagon.}

I’m determined that, even if I finish this season tired from exertion, I’ll also finish it satisfied with all I’ve accomplished and with all God has done in my life.

Will your fall be a busy season? How do you handle seasons of busyness?

The bracelet I’m wearing is a beautiful – and timely – gift from my friend Lisa Leonard. I’m honored to wear a piece from her new collection at DaySpring and thankful for the lovely, wear-it-every-day reminder to Be Still and Know {that He is God}. Lisa has created this collection of hand-molded pewter jewelry, but as she has said, they’re more than pretty pieces. Created in honor of her own journey through heartbreak and hope, Lisa’s Faith Collection at DaySpring offers jewelry full of meaning and deep sentiment.

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