We’ve reached the end of another month. Does this make you:

a. Want to say, “Wow! Time flies!”
b. Want to ask, “Where did the month go?”
c. Excited to put on jeans and decorate for fall?
d. Worried that your jeans might not fit this fall?
e. None of the above

My jeans fit as badly as they did in the spring, so I guess that’s a good thing. Or, at least it’s not a bad thing! And I’m excited to pull out my favorite sweaters. I will admit, though, that resisting the “time flies” cliches is hard, and even though October is my very favorite month, I’m a little anxious for all the busy-ness it brings.

Good thing we have apple harvest candles and pumpkin spice everything to get us through the tough times.

What I’m Reading: For the first time in a long time, I haven’t read many books. I’ve read some fluffy books (and some awful books) I got free with my Kindle app, but they’re really not worth mentioning. I did read The Mediator series from Meg Cabot. It’s a YA series about a girl who can see ghosts, and yes, it’s as silly as it sounds. Despite that, I actually enjoyed it and kept picking up the next book until I reached the end of the six-book series.

(I was fooled into thinking that I’d like some of Cabot’s other YA books. I was wrong.)

What I’m Watching: Most of my favorite shows are back (How I Met Your Mother, Castle, NCIS, New Girl and Parks & Recreation), so of course I’m watching them. But I’ve also been watching the trailers for two new movies, wishing it was my birthday so I could force Smitty to go see them with me. I’d probably want to see 10 Years no matter when it came out (hello?! The adorable, married stars of Step Up are in it!), but its premiere so close to my own class reunion certainly raised my interest even more. For the record, it’s my 15-year reunion taking place this weekend. And I’m not going.

But I guess that’s a story for another post.

The other movie I want to see is Pitch Perfect, about competitive a capella singers. I’m fairly positive there is no conceivable circumstance under which Mark would agree to see this. So I’ll probably be waiting for the DVD.

What I’m Eating: Oatmeal, carrots, bananas and grilled chicken. Yes, that’s right. I’m back on the wagon. That didn’t stop me from making a tasty candy mix for my small group last week, though – and yes, you can look for that recipe in a couple weeks!

What I’m Listening To: A while back, one of the entertainment sites I read posted the video for Mumford & Sons’ new song, I Will Wait. They wrote, “Hey! Are you a white person in your 30s clinging to the notion that you’re kind of cool and relevant, but really, you drive a mini-van and wear Doctor Who T-shirts covered in spit-up? Wow! That’s weirdly specific, but if so, you probably love Mumford and Sons, hipster music for people too old to be hipsters!” (Source)

Harsh, but hilarious. And pretty true. Thankfully I neither drive a minivan nor wear spit-up-covered shirts, but I do love Mumford & Sons. And that’s why I downloaded and love their new album, Babel. You, too?

Last but far from least, you’re going to love this video. Jimmy Fallon and the actors from the new (and, according to every review I’ve read and my assumptions based on the commercials, terrible) show, Guys with Kids, sang about theme songs. And it was awesome. Enjoy!

What were you into in September?

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