This picture? It’s the best picture my dear friend Amanda managed to take of me meeting Phil Vischer, founder of Veggie Tales and What’s in the Bible. So . . . yeah.

I’m at Allume today and my brain is on overload. This means that the brilliant post I had in mind for today is stuck inside my brain and refusing to come out onto my screen. Of course, in my ideal world, I would have written my 31 Days posts for this week days ago and scheduled them in advance. But I don’t really live in my ideal world, so I?

The good news for you is that I’m going to brain dump here and share some of the best nuggets I’m taking away from this first day at Allume (a Christian women’s social media conference). And even if you don’t blog, I’m telling you this is some good stuff.

  • Love God more than you love your dream. (Phil Vischer)
  • The impact we can have for God doesn’t happen when we’re pursuing impact. It happens when we’re pursuing Him. (Phil Vischer)
  • If you’re not secure in who you are and what you are worth in Jesus, nothing on earth (followers, subscribers, book deal, etc.) will change that. (Jessica Heights)
  • Our writing can be a bridge to help others see God. (Sarah Markley)
  • God is shouting, even in the everyday and ordinary. When we notice God at work, He is delighted. (Sarah Markley)
  • Write until you find a surprise. (Al Siebert, Sarah’s dad)
  • My kids impact my writing for the better, and my writing impacts my kids for the better. My writing teaches your kids that there is a world God wants us to impact. (Tricia Goyer)
  • Ask your why until you get to a Kingdom goal. (Trina Holden)
  • Focus on depth over width, service over fame, and blessing rather than impressing. (Trina Holden)
  • You don’t make an impact by telling everyone everything. (Annie Downs)
  • Not all writing is public writing. And you don’t have to write about everything that hurts. (Annie Downs)
  • When everything is important, nothing is important. (Nester Smith)

So that’s what I’m processing right now. Fingers crossed that I can find brain space for my original post tomorrow.

Special thanks to my roommates Amanda and Amy for sharing their notes with me and helping me figure out what on earth to write about because my brain is too full. And for not making me do a vlog.

This post is part of 31 Days of Giving Up on Perfect. All month long, I’ll be writing about my fight against perfectionism and my quest to get on with life, already. For more 31 Days, visit The Nester.

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