Some of my DVDs

This is not a photo of my own DVD collection. My collection includes a lot more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and chick flicks. And, *sigh*, Rocky movies. Photo credit: ToastyKen.

I don’t remember how it came up. What could we have been discussing that would have led to this inane topic? I’m not sure, but I do know that my friend Michelle and I had a funny conversation about DVDs recently.

Somehow, we ended up talking about how we organize our DVDs. I organize mine by color, with movies in the same series placed together. Michelle, on the other hand, organizes hers alphabetically. But she also keeps movies in a series together.

When we talked about it, I had to laugh. Both of us assumed our method of organization was “normal,” and we’d never questioned why we did it that way or if there could be a better way. We just do it.

I’m not sure the way you organize videos says anything about you at all. And I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do it. And yes, I realize that analyzing this tiny issue in the first place is a sign that I’m a little odd.

But it makes me wonder.

Do you organize parts of your house or office in a particular way – maybe without even thinking about it or realizing that nobody else does it that way?

When I set up my new office earlier this year, I did what I have done at every new job I’ve had since graduating from college. I brought in a mug for my pens and pencils, I lined up my Post-Its and notebooks, and I parked my tape dispenser right next to my stapler on the right side of my computer. My desk looks the same no matter where I work.

I think a of people organize their kitchens this way. My kitchen, on the other hand, doesn’t make sense to anyone. Every time someone new is in my kitchen, looking for a cup, I’m asked why I put the cups in the cabinet to the left of the sink instead of the right. I’m not left-handed. There’s really no good reason. And yet, it’s how I like it and I will probably never change it.

One shelf of my pantry is organized by food type. Canned veggies in one row, Mexican food items in another, canned soups in a row and canned fruit in a row. Chili season really messes that up, so I squeeze in an additional row just for chili ingredients. Some of the other shelves in my pantry, though? Total chaos.

Why do we pick and choose which parts of our homes, our office, our lives to organize? Why is one area so much more important than others? I mean, I really can’t handle it if someone moves my tape dispenser or puts a bag of rice on the canned food shelf of the pantry. But my filing cabinet is a hot mess, and don’t even get me going on my out of control CD collection!

What parts of your home and life do you organize in a particular way? What parts do you let go?

This post is part of 31 Days of Giving Up on Perfect, because even if I get my DVDs lined up perfectly, a certain 5-year-old almost always comes along and messes them up. DEEP BREATH. It’s okay. It doesn’t really HAVE to be perfect…right? Anyway, all month long, I’ll be writing about my fight against perfectionism and my quest to get on with life, already. For more 31 Days, visit The Nester.

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