“Join me in raising your hands as we worship the Lord.”

My eyes darted from one corner of the room to another and then back to my own table. Wondering if I was the only one feeling an increased heartbeat and slight shortness of breath, I nervously freed my hands from my pockets. Is everyone really going to raise their hands?


Every time I’m in a worship service and the song leader suggests we raise our hands in praise (or surrender or acceptance or whatever the virtue of the day may be), I cringe. I get a little sweaty and my mind starts racing.

What is wrong with you? Why can’t you raise your hands?
I know. I should raise my hands. I want to. I do. But…
What if I look weird? What if they notice?
It’s just not like me. I’m not a raise-your-hands kind of girl.
You mean you’re not a praise-the-Lord kind of girl?
Just. Raise. Your. Hands.
Ahhh! It’s not a big deal, but it feels like a big deal!
Isn’t it enough to tap my foot?
Is this song ever going to – oh, good, it’s over now.

Every time.


Though we listen to a lot of children’s music and Christian music and even country music, Annalyn and I both love pop music. Like, a lot. And as I wrote this month’s post for (in)courage, I realized how many of those catchy songs include lyrics about raising your hands (or the roof) and putting your hands up (or in the air).

The interesting thing is that I never hesitate to raise the roof (of my car) when we’re jamming to a pop song, but put me in a dark auditorium worshiping the Lord, and my hands are glued to my side.

I don’t know that God necessarily favors one style of worship over another. Honestly, I believe He made each of us unique – and that includes the way we worship Him. But I’ve personally struggled with the desire to raise my hands during worship but being afraid of looking silly.

To read how my five-year-old taught me something about worship – and raising my hands – visit me over at (in)courage.

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