Hey, remember that time I started a TV blog? Yes, well, it was a grand idea that didn’t work out and most of the time, I’m cool with that. But on a week like this one, where what was probably my favorite TV show of all time uses Kickstarter to fund a movie?!

Oh, how I wish I still had a TV blog!

But you all like TV, right? So we can talk about this stuff? Good. Because I have some thoughts.

My thoughts aren’t the deep kind about our society that will quickly raise millions to make a movie, while more important causes are left unfunded and struggling. Nope, I want to talk about short-lived TV shows.

[Listen, I get it if you want to talk about the larger implications of a crowd-sourced movie budget. We can chat about that at a later time, though.]

I’ve written before – like any self-respecting wannabe TV blogger – about the shows I loved that were cancelled too soon. But lately I’ve been thinking that sometimes, shorter really IS sweeter.

Yep, that’s right. I’m saying that I’m actually GLAD that some shows were cancelled before reaching the coveted 100th episode. Don’t hate me. I’m not saying our beloved Freaks and Geeks, Firefly or even Pushing Daisies deserved early cancellations. (I’m NOT. Don’t yell at me!)

But haven’t we all known shows that overstayed their welcome? (Sadly, I’m talking to you, The Office.) Can’t we be happy when other shows DON’T do that?

[To clarify, I was SUPER sad when Veronica Mars was cancelled, and I will be first in line to see the movie.]

Last season, the show I was happy to see cancelled EVEN THOUGH I LOVED IT was Missing. Did you watch that one? Ashley Judd’s son was kidnapped, because it turned out she used to be a spy. So she ran all over Europe to find him. Think Taken, the light version. (I think. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen Taken.) This show was SO GOOD. It had spies, it had Europe, it had a mysterious Italian guy, and it had Ashley Judd.

I loved it. And I was happy when it was cancelled.

I know! That’s crazy, right? Or . . . is it? The thing is, the show’s one short season was outstanding. Other than a few scenes toward the end, it was filmed well and while your mileage may vary on Judd, I thought it was written and acted really well. But let’s be honest – would that level of excellence have lasted, season after season?

I mean, SPOILER ALERT, she found her son at the end of the first season. And sure, they then had Judd’s character go missing in the last seconds of the finale JUST IN CASE it was renewed. Assuming they would’ve found HER at the end of a second season, THEN WHAT?

Going out after a strong, though short, run was the best ending possible, if you ask me.

This year I felt the same way about Last Resort. I loved that show, and you can’t put a price on having Scott Speedman – as a soldier! who loves his wife! and his country! – on my TV again.

But when I read that it was being cancelled, I was relieved. Rather than spend seven seasons creating convoluted reasons to keep the cast stuck on an island (sound familiar?), they wrapped up this wild and crazy story in a dozen or so episodes.

It’s possible, I suppose, that I simply can’t handle committing to dramas for a long period of time. I am the same sad viewer who quit watching Parenthood after a couple seasons because it got to be TOO MUCH. Just . . . too much.

But I think that, even more than that, there’s a certain type of show for me that lends itself to a shorter form, a miniseries-type of show, rather than a drawn-out series with multiple seasons. And it seems, based on Missing and Last Resort, that the type of show I want in small doses is the action-packed kind.

I love action movies. I even said – about both the shows I’ve mentioned today – that they seem like a movie I would watch more than a TV show. I guess that’s why it makes more sense to me for them to be short-lived. That, and I just don’t think I could handle a snake monster on one of my shows.

So, there you have it. I think some shows – EVEN THE ONES I LOVE – should be short-lived. [Even the ones with Scott Speedman.]

What do you think? Have you ever been glad to see a show get cancelled?

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